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Sustainability & Energy Statement

Dandara Living Developments Ltd, Dandara Living Contracting Ltd and Dandara Living Management Ltd, herein Dandara Living, are committed to managing the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) impacts of our activities responsibly.

We have a Sustainability Strategy with a clear roadmap and robust targets that reflect our ambition to embed ESG into our business practices and operational procedures, and support the ambition of the company to positvely interact with the planet and people.

Our vision is to place communities at the heart of our Strategy and be recognised as the leading provider of great places to live, work and grow. We adhere to this Policy Statement to support the realisation of the Sustainability Strategy.

Dandara Living:

  • Actively brings this policy to the attention of all staff and other identified Interested Parties within our supply chain.
  • Implements robust procedures to minimise the risk of pollution, contamination and other nuisances, and ensures that where possible sustainability and energy efficiency is a priority area in relation to our business actvities.
  • Ensures associated responsibilities are assigned and communicated to all relevant parties.
  • Ensures that the business aligns with relevant legislation, regulations and standards.
  • Procures materials that have low embodied energy or help mitigate or adapt to climate change in accordance with our Sustainable Procurement Policy.
  • Identifies potential climate change risks for our business and to our sites and implements appropriate and proportional adaptation measures on all developments to address future climate change risks, focusing on thermal comfort and flood risk.
  • Set a net zero carbon pathway for the company that enables the company to get to net zero carbon by 2050 or before.
  • Applies the energy hierarchy in the design of our homes to reduce the energy and carbon intensity associated with our developments.
  • Promotes the use of renewables in our developments.
  • Monitors consumption of resources on our construction sites and offices.
  • Implements initiatives that reduce embodied, construction and operational carbon across our offices, sites and developments.
  • Supports local employment and growth of local communities through links with the local supply chain.
  • Aims to minimise use of materials through careful design and site management.
  • Develops timelines to support a zero construction-waste to landfill target.
  • Enables a net biodiversity gain on all new developments

This policy has been communicated to all staff in the organisation and our supply chain. It is periodically reviewed and updated as necessary.

Jim Davies

25 January 2024


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