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When choosing the right locations and designing our buildings we prioritise what we know matters most to people: being in culturally rich and diverse neighbourhoods, providing facilities on site like gyms, cafes, lounges and outdoor space, creating opportunities to participate in social events and generally offering good day to day management by professional on-site teams.

Our offer breaks down into 5 key components: the location, the apartment, the on-site facilities, the social offer, and the relationship with us as the landlord.


Most of our developments are in well-connected locations, in the up and coming neighbourhoods that we know our customers want to be in.

We work hard to build relationships with local partners, ensuring that all of our developments authentically fit into their surroundings and are active contributors within their local communities.

Barge on canal in Leeds, just one of Dandara Living's city locations


All of our developments include plenty of shared spaces that reflect the way people like to live today.

We offer work areas so people have somewhere to break out from their apartment at times, lounges to meet with friends, gyms and studios for classes.

Many of our sites have bookable rooms people can hire for events or meetings. We prioritise access to outdoor spaces such as gardens and roof terraces, and most developments have bbq areas and various places to sit outside.

The areas on-site are equipped and designed to make life easier such as providing pet washing facilities, bike cleaning stations with repair kits on hand and secure bike stores.

"House Kitchen" representative of the facilities available within Dandara Living developments


We offer a range of apartment types including studios, one, two and three bedroom apartments, as well as co-living suites in some of our buildings.

The vast majority have their own balcony or terraces and all are fitted out with kitchens and bathrooms, integrated appliances and plenty of storage.

The majority of our two beds have similar sized rooms designed for people sharing.

Apartments are available either fully or partly furnished and we encourage people to paint and decorate their homes as they wish.

Almost all of our developments are pet friendly and have pet specific buildings or floors allocated to ensure we can welcome those with pets whilst ensuring those without are not affected.

Close up of inside a Dandara Living apartment


Our on-site teams help to organise social events and activities throughout the year as well as facilitating the various interest-led clubs such as cycle groups, book clubs, and so on that are created according to the interests of the residents at that development.

To support and nurture the general culture and friendliness of our schemes, each has a ‘house kitchen’ stocked with snacks and coffee, where staff go about their work and residents can catch up with neighbours, or sit and read the paper.

In addition to supporting the social aspects of life at our developments, the teams are on hand to just generally make life easier for people: from helping to set up utilities and managing parcel deliveries, to finding a dog walker.

Honey the dog enjoying the experience of a Dandara Living apartment


At the centre of our relationship with our customers is the tenancy agreement. Ours has been developed to give residents maximum security of tenure together with an ability to put down roots, and make the home their own.

Lady smiling representing resident relationships at Dandara Living


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