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Dandara Living and Chiltern Rangers Revitalise Church Grounds

Dandara Living was once again proud to collaborate with Chiltern Rangers for a volunteering initiative at All Saints Church in High Wycombe.

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Following an inspiring day of community engagement, Dandara Living was once again proud to collaborate with Chiltern Rangers for a volunteering initiative at All Saints Church in High Wycombe.

The event, held on 22nd February, marked the second Ranger Day sponsored by Dandara Living, aimed at enhancing the church grounds and fostering a safer, greener space in the heart of the town.

The day was a concerted effort involving Dandara Living employees, Chiltern Rangers, volunteers from the local community, and All Saints Church. Volunteers engaged in a variety of tasks, including moving sections of trees and branches for chipping, distributing the chippings within the church grounds, litter removal, cutting back shrubs, and planting a wildflower meadow. The team's efforts also led to the re-discovery of around 50 gravestones which were edged and tidied, making it easier for family members to visit.

Zoe Sharpe, Senior Development Manager at Dandara Living, reflected on the day's success:

We are thrilled to have supported another Ranger Day at All Saints Church. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to the High Wycombe community and our dedication to making a tangible difference in the local area.

Seeing employees from Dandara Living work side by side with Chiltern Rangers, church volunteers, and the local community was truly heartening. We believe that by investing our time and efforts into such projects, we can contribute significantly to the town's wellbeing and spirit.

Zoe Sharpe, Dandara Living

The positive feedback from the church, local residents, and all those involved underscored the importance of such initiatives in nurturing and preserving community spaces as Derek Lancaster, Licensed Lay Minister, All Saints Parish Church explained.

Chiltern Rangers and Dandara Living volunteers have made an amazing difference to our church yard, which is the only green space in the centre of High Wycombe. We wanted to discourage any anti-social behaviour and make the space a more open and attractive amenity for the many people who walk through or stop to reflect. The volunteers worked really hard and in heavy rain, to clear out non-native bushes, tidy overgrown trees and plant hundreds of bulbs and wildflowers as well as clearing dozens of grave-slabs so they can be properly seen one more. We are so grateful - thank you!

Derek Lancaster - Licensed Lay Minister, All Saints Parish Church

Looking ahead, Dandara Living remains committed to engaging in local events and initiatives that support the High Wycombe community. The success of the Ranger Day at All Saints Church is just one example of how collaborative efforts can bring about positive change and enhance the quality of life in the area.

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